This website provides formational videos, practices, and resources to shape and equip individuals and leaders to share God’s love and peace in community with others. It is a work in process because our journey to discover and live God’s future is always unfolding. The two windows on the Home Page, Missional Living and Missional Leading, provide a variety of approaches to support living and leading missionally in a changing world.

You will find resources, practices, and videos on the site that reference Leading Congregations in Mission (LCM) and Discover and Live Your Future. A brief description of these two approaches to living and leading missionally follows:

 ·     Leading Congregations in Mission (LCM) - an approach to the missional living and leading through the lens of congregational life. 

·     Discover and Live Your future – an approach to missional living and leading through lens of authentic and loving community shaped through a variety of forms and practice.  

 The Practices, Videos, and Resources for both approaches explore the transformative possibility of the gospel lived out as a deeply relational expression of God’s love and peace in the world. As we continue to awaken to God’s movement, risk new experiments, and commit to new forms of blessing in community we will update this website. 

For more information contact Larry McGuire or Ron Harmon.

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