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Here you'll find the entire library of video content from the Leading Congregations in Mission Initiative. If you're looking for videos translated into Spanish or videos with captions, click the links provided in the left navigation. 

Basic Approaches for Leading During a Time of Transition 

A roundtable discussion about what is critically import when leading congregations during times of transition.

Community of Christ Commercial

Based on LCM participants input, we have created a commercial concept that embraces the message of Community of Christ. 

Community of Christ

Through photography, graphics, and words, the church is described as discovering new and old ways of being and creating loving communities of invitation.


This video presents a roundtable discussion about ways to cultivate a culture of prophetic imagination.


Part two, this video presents a roundtable discussion about ways to cultivate a culture of prophetic imagination. 

Missio Dei

The mission of God is explained in a creative way by use of sign language, graphics, and words.


Presents a reflective and personal approach for daily use of missional/spiritual practices to see with new eyes.


A variety of people sharing words of invitation to Christ.

Let The Spirit Breathe

An upbeat look at how the Holy Spirit nudges us to do a little bit more.

Mission is Relational

A look at how mission is relational.

Missional Practices

This video uses the metaphor of becoming a master chef to using practices for growth in discipleship.


A short film about an unexpected prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Open Your Eyes

Illustrates how the Mission Prayer can influence your life and the lives you encounter by asking: “Are you awake?”

Prayer of Disruption

This video is based a poem by Joyce Rupp

Risking Something New

A music video based on words by Ron Harmon and arranged by David Heinz.

Scripture Roundtable

Presents a roundtable discussion on scripture as a foundation of missional worship.

Strange New Ways

This is a check-in video for pastor leadership teams about the missional journey.


Illustrates by use of a “table” in a variety of everyday gatherings for taking the relational aspect of mission everywhere.

The Art of Conversation

A fun-look at what makes a good versus a bad conversation.  Filmed at the 2014 International Youth (IYF) rally in Independence, MO

The Cycle

Compares the growth cycle of cultivating soil for the planting and harvesting of seed to the growth cycle in congregational life.

The Great Reversal

Affirms that we 1st belong to God and one another. This is the reversal of how we have understood or assumed the steps for membership in the church: “believe, behave and then belong.”


A short film exploring the challenges facing the church in today’s world. 

The Long Journey

Presents through wonder filled images a message about mission is a long journey in the same direction. 

The Radical Shift

Radical shift is a message of moving. Moving to a new way of thinking about why we have church together.

Tuality Conversation on Missional Practices

An in-depth discussion about the process and journey of the Tuality Congregation in Tigard, Oregon.

Who is Jesus to Me

Presents a variety of persons who share their response to the question, “Who is Jesus to me?”

Worship Roundtable

Presents a roundtable discussion about missional worship.


You Are Loved

Based on the poem “You Are Loved” by Nelda Kerr the message flows from the congregation gathered in worship then out into the community and back again in the spirit of celebration and strong affirmation