Missional Living Modules


Module 1:


A Bold New Vision of Life in the Spirit

A bold new vision and way of living is emerging that reclaims the message and mission of Christ in a hurting and separated word. How is Community of Christ being called to prophetically convey and live this vision through invitational communities of justice and peace?

Module 2:

Mission Begins with Encounter

God is the source and sustainer of mission. How does our encounter with the living Christ change everything – our relationships with God, ourselves, others, and the earth?

Module 3:

Missional Living: Practices as Initial Steps

Leading Congregations in Mission suggests three practices for living into a deeper relational experience with God, one another, and our neighbors. These practices over time become a new way of living and relating to the world around us. The Mission Prayer, Dwelling in the Word, and Sharing in the Round help us take initial steps toward a new awakening.  


An Invitation to a Missional Journey 

The missional journey is an invitation to encounter, discovery, and sacred purpose in community. What does it look like to engage in such a journey as disciples, congregations, and new expressions of mission?

Module 5:

Seeing with a New Lens: Principles for the Journey

What are some indicators or markers along the path that signify movement toward a bold new vision and way of living Christ’s mission? 8 principles point the way and when embraced call us into transformative encounters with God, one another, and our neighbors.

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Revised Principles of Mission Overview
  • New LCM Overview Segment on Principles
  • New Next Steps on the Journey

Module 6:

Discerning and Pursuing Essential Questions 

 There is an almost insatiable need for certainty in a world that is constantly changing. Jesus asked essential questions as a way to challenge others to discern and pursue what matters most. What is an essential question and how can discerning and pursuing inspired questions shape us as disciples and the church for the future?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Discerning Essential Questions
  • Living with the Questions Practice
  • New Getting Started with Essential Questions
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 7:

God is Relational, Mission is Relational 

Our yearning to be in relationship is part of our divine nature. If God is relational and the fullest expression of the gospel is lived out in relationships, then how does this shape everything we do as disciples and the church? How does this call us into new relationships of invitation, hospitality, and healing?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Mission is Relational Video and Discussion Questions
  • Mission is Relational – Two Quotes with Questions
  • New The Relational Challenge with Essential Question – (Margaret Wheatley Quote - Turning to One Another)
  • Valuing the Other Practice
  • New Sharing in the Round – Going Deeper
  • Tables Video and Discussion Questions
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 8:

Creating Safe Space for Conversation and Inspiration

If mission is relational then creating safe space to free meaningful conversation and inspiration is the incubator of mission. Although most congregations and small groups consider themselves safe places, further exploration often reveals a different reality.  Proactive approaches to creating safe space is one of the most important aspects of discerning and leading mission. Skipping over this most often results in limited engagement or at times a total breakdown in healthy interaction and collaboration.

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Leading in Transition Video and Discussion Questions
  • Creative Phases for Prophetic Imagination
  • Creating Safe Space: Conversation is Essential to Mission (Retreat 2 Tools)
  • New Practices that Cultivate Safe Space (from LCM and Turning to One Another)
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 9:

Discovering Our Context for Mission – The Relational Approach

How do we truly understand our context for mission? Is it primarily about statistical analysis and surveys or relationships? What can we learn about each other when invite someone to share their story?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Frames Video and Discussion Questions
  • New Overview of Practices for the Journey (Holy Curiosity for the Other Practice
  • Walking the Neighborhood Practice
  • Third Place Ministry Practice
  • Sharing in the Round Practice)
  • New Next Steps for the Journey
  • Drawing Out Sacred Story (Retreat 2 Handout)
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 10:

Worship as Communal Practice of Encounter

How can worship move beyond lifeless ritual to a disruptive encounter with God and one another? How can worship be a reflection of the relational nature of God? How are we being called to revision worship that leads us deeper into our identity and calling as communities of Christ?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Roundtable Video on Missional Worship and Discussion Questions
  • Worship as Community Missional Practice (Retreat 2 Tools)
  • Sample Missional Worship Outlines
    (Retreat 2 Tools)
  • Planning for Encounter in Worship: Understanding Your Congregation’s Spiritual Types
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 11:

Discovering God’s Future Together – Prophetic Imagination

What does it mean to be a people who live by the principle of Continuing Revelation? What is the linkage between our understanding of Continuing Revelation and Walter Brueggemann’s Prophetic Imagination? Why are these concepts and practices so important to discovering God’s future?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • The Prophetic Imagination: An Introduction
  • Roundtable Video on Prophetic Imagination and Discussion Questions
  • Open Your Eyes Video and Discussion Questions
  • New Three Shared Practices as Initial

Module 12:

Constructing and Launching Experiments

Discover, Envision, and Experiment is the prophetic core of LCM. Out of the well of new insights come new ideas! Experiments are about acting on our inspired ideas recognizing the missional journey is a process of discovery not certainty. How can we free new ideas and innovation in our ministry? Seeing our journey as experimental helps us let go of “analysis paralysis” and the need for certain outcomes.

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Experiments – Mission is Risking Something New (Retreat 5 Tools)
  • Risking Something New Lyrics
  • Video, and Discussion Questions (Retreat 5)
  • New Examples from Around the Field
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 13:

Sharing Christ’s Peace: Redefining Invitation and Hospitality

Evangelism must be redefined and relived for a new time. How does evangelism as invitation to all the dimensions of Christ’s peace call us into a new way of living? How does this look different from traditional approaches to evangelism?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • The Great Reversal Video and Discussion Questions
  • Invite Video and Discussion Questions
  • Receive Embody and Share the Invitation to Christs’ Peace
  • Twelve Week Study Guide – Generously Receive Embody and Share the Invitation
  • Reflection Guide – Who is Jesus to Me Booklet
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 14:

 Sharing Christ’s Peace: Receiving and Sharing of Our Transforming Stories

How is holistic evangelism a call to encounter one another and the Spirit in our evolving faith stories? Where do these stories lead and how do they reveal the next faithful step in our journey of transformation with others?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • Nudge Video and Discussion Questions
  • My Evolving Faith Story Booklet
  • Our Evolving Faith Story Booklet
  • Community of Christ Video and Discussion Questions
  • Making Room Practice
  • Sharing My Story Practice
  • Receive Embody and Share the Invitation to Christ’s Peace
  • Twelve Week: Generously Receive Embody and Share the Invitation
  • New Next Steps for the Journey

Module 15:

Sharing Christ’s Peace: Alleviating Spiritual and Physical Suffering

What is the relationship between our call to share the peace of Jesus Christ and our first three mission initiatives? How does our willingness to risk new relationships lead to new opportunities for spiritual and physical transformation? How is the Spirit disrupting us with a vision of what could be?

  • New Discussion Guide
  • President Steve Veazey 2016 Closing World Conference Challenge
  • The Mission Matters Most - 2011 Presidential Address to the Church
  • New Next Steps for the Journey.