Resources Overview

In this section you will find an A to Z listing our resources that were developed for the Leading Congregations in Mission pilot.

We will continue to update and add to this section as new resources are developed.


A - Z Resources 


A Conversation Guide Christianity after Religion

  • Encourages congregations to discern and identify essential questions important to guiding how they discover, experiment, and live into deeper and new forms of ministry and mission.

A Words list of feelings related to conflict

  • Misunderstandings and Hurt Relationships — a list of “feeling” words to help identify the feelings we may have when faced with a difficult conversation.

Assessing Your Team Climate

  • A survey for team members to assess the qualities needed for an effective team climate.

Agape Meal

  • A worship service that incorporates Sharing in the Round—A Missional Practice.


  • An at a glance card to help you decide how and when to have a difficult conversation.

Assessing your team communication

  • A survey for team members to assess their behaviors and skills needed for effective team communication.


Church without walls

  • How is our identity and calling as Community of Christ radically changing your approach to gathering and being sent as the church in a changing world?


Challenges to seeing through a missional lens

  • Challenges to overcome in order to go deeper in our relationship with God and one another and to live out the gospel in relationship with our neighbors.


Community of christ video script

  • The script of the Community of Christ video.

Community building practices

  • Community building exercises for use in small groups or congregations.

Congregational support minister outline for visits

  • A detailed plan for congregational support minister for ways to start visiting a congregation.

Conflict in the congregation can be an uniting factor

  • A resource comparing what divides and unites us.

Conversations as missional practice - going deeper

  • Information about creating safe space for Christ’s peace, reconciliation and healing related to intentional conversations and difficult conversations as missional practices. Includes a word list of feelings related to conflict, misunderstandings and hurt relationships.

Conversation Essential to christ's mission

  • What kind of conversational space do we wish to cultivate as leaders?

Cross the line

  • An exercise that offers ways to be aware of and have empathy for each other.

Creative Phases for prophetic imagination

  • A graphic with information about the importance of receiving diverse opinions and feelings and the value gained in order to come together with clarity about courageously living into the future together.


Discover - new insights and increasing clarity

  • This can be used to identify some initial questions, activities, and practices related to this step in the missional process.

Discerning what matters most for the journey ahead

  • A conversational tool for evaluating current ministries, activities, and experiments.

Discovering your evolving faith story booklet

  • A booklet that invites reflection on one’s personal evolving faith story.

Discovering our evolving faith story handout

  • A booklet that invites reflection on our evolving faith story as a movement.

Dwelling in the word - isaiah 58:3-12

  • To listen to God and to one another to hear and discover in new ways God’s direction by reading scripture and posing questions.

dwelling in the word - 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

  • To listen to God and to one another to hear and discover in new ways God’s direction by reading scripture and posing questions.


Encounter - divine stirring and going deeper

  • Encounter – Divine Stirring and Going Deeper Stepping Stone Summary Sheet

Embody the invitation - worksheet

  • Helps you discover how to embody the invitation to Christ's peace.

Envision - risking and imagining new ideas

  • Envision – Risking and Imagining New Ideas Stepping Stone Summary Sheet

Envision, experiment, evaluate resources for leading discernment

  • Envision, Experiment, Evaluate – Essential Questions for Leading Discernment and Planning

Envisioning sharing our identity and calling through three shared practices

  • The three shared missional practices of Dwelling in the Word, The Mission Prayer, and Sharing in the Round disrupt our established routine as disciples and as the church. They call us into new ways of understanding, ways of being, and ways of living Christ’s mission!

Evaluate - prioritize what matters most

  • Evaluate – Prioritize What Matters Most Stepping Stone Summary Sheet

Experiments - conceiving and launching new ideas

  • Experiment – Conceiving and Launching New Ideas Stepping Stone Summary Sheet

Experiments - mission is risking something new

  • Experiments are how we enact or live into what we imagine in partnership with God and one another.


Framework for Leading Mission USA-Canada

  • A look at Three Critical Trends, Three Pathways into the Future

Frames (Panes) Transcript

  • Script for the Frames video


  • How do we specifically embody and live the concerns and passion of Christ in our relationships with one another and our neighbors?

Framing the Essential Question a Scenario

  • Framing Essential Questions - A Scenario worksheet


Going Deeper in Discovering our Unity and Diversity

  • How do we develop a deeper understanding of one another? How do we move beyond a surface level recognition of our individuality to a genuine appreciation of our diversity?



Holy Curiosity for the Other

  • Holy Curiosity for the Other – Suggestions and questions.


Ideas for getting started with congregations

  • Ideas for Getting Started with Congregations

Ideas for getting started with Priesthood

  • Ideas for Getting Started with Priesthood

Initial steps ppt

  • A detailed PPT of the Initial Steps, Leading a Congregations in Mission resource.

Isaiah fast

  • Ten Challenges in 10 Days

The Isaiah fast is meant to be a fast of heart and hands and not of want. Below is a guide taken from Isaiah chapter 58 in which each day of the fast has suggestions for how to accomplish the challenge. 


Knitting a Metaphor for belonging

  • Knitting: A Metaphor for Belonging exercise


LCM Field Guide Overview

  • Complete overview of the Leading Congregations in Mission pilot

Lights Camera Invite Community Building Activity

  • Leadership Teams and congregation will create an invitational video script and storyboard.

LCM field guide overview - simplified

  • Simplified overview of the LCM pilot

Listening to our Story

  • As you read selected scriptures you will identify words, phrases, and/or images that convey to you something about God’s unfolding story in our world.

Living into God's Story

  • A Simple Way for Congregation’s to discuss the Relationship Between Congregational Life and God’s Story in Scripture

Living Missionally Handout

  • Risking Relationships, Cultivating Hope


Making Decisions as a Team

  • The purpose of “Making Decisions as a Team” is to truly hear one another so the decisions of the team reflect the best thinking and creativity of the members.

Mission is like the repeated cycle of growth worship experience

  • Mission is Like the Repeated Cycle of Growth

Worship Encounter 

Missio Dei video script

  • Video script the Missio Dei video


Missional Process Steps

  • A overview of the Missional process steps


Moment of Blessing for Reflection and Discussion

  • Moment of Blessing for Reflection and Discussion About “Difficult Conversations as Missional Practice”


Our Identity and Calling

  • How do we discern, embrace and risk living fully into our identity and calling as Community of Christ in a changing world?

Our Missional Journey Booklet

  • Missional Step and Milestones



Pastors & Leaders Field Gude

  • If you are a new pastor or new to a Pastor and Leadership Team this is a great place to start.

Planning for Encounter in Worship

  • Planning for Encounter in Worship

Understanding Your Congregation’s Spiritual Type

Panes of Perspective

  • To design and plan activities, ministry, and mission by use of current trends that impact ministry and mission.

PLT Meeting Process

  • Detailed Pastor Leadership meeting model

Practicing Prophetic Imagination in Community

  • The Prophetic Imagination - An Introduction

PLT Dwelling in the Word Matt 14, 13-21

  • Dwelling in the Word, Matt. 14:13-21

Prayer for Spiritual Openness

  • Prayer for Spiritual Openness –

Temple Service, January 31, 2010 Stephen M. Veazey

Prayer of Disruption by Joyce Rupp

  • Script for the Prayer of Disruption video

Practicing Hospitality 

  • Hospitality Guide


Prophetic Voices

  • Prophetic Voices: Spirit and Mission Handout


Receive Embody and Share Christ's Peace

  • The intent of this paper is to stimulate conversation and live into ways we receive, embody, and share Christ’s peace in a changing world. It is not the definitive word but part of an ongoing exploration of how we make the living Word tangible in every new context.

Renew - Pause Reflect Celebrate Rest

  • Renew – Pause, Reflect, Celebrate, Rest Stepping Stone Summary Sheet

Receive the Invitation worksheet

  • Embrace Christ’s generous invitation to relationship, new life, wholeness, and a new way of seeing God, yourself, and others.

Reflection Guide Who is Jesus to me booklet

  • This guide provides space to record reflections about “Who is Jesus to me?” It also includes six scripture-based missional practices, each offering different ways to receive and encounter the living Christ.

Risking Something New Lyrics

  • Risking Something New Video Lyrics

Song “Who I Am”

Lyrics by Dave Heinze and Ron Harmon
Music by Dave Heinze
© 2014 Community of Christ. Permission granted to print for congregational use.


Sample Missional Worship Outlines

  • The following sample outlines are just a few examples to stimulate your thinking.

Share the Invitation worksheet

  • How do I authentically invite others into a new awareness, loving community, and life changing relationship with living Christ?

Scripture in community of Christ

  • Scripture statement in the Community of Christ

Shared Leadership Basics for Congregations 

  • Why Utilize a Pastor Leadership Team?

Sharing Community of Christ an Exploration

  • The intent of this document is to help assist an individual or group articulate an invitation to Christ’s peace and to the Community of Christ.

Sharing Essential Truths in New Language

  • How we convey/live the words in new language and form.

Sharing and Discovering our Congregational Story

  • This resource is designed to help us draw out our congregational story, to assess where we are today, and to identify some key questions that may frame where God calls us into the future.

Sock Monkey Exercise

  • The Sock Monkey exercise is intended as a team building exercise that will engage participants on a tactile level and help the group develop a common memory. Additionally, the sock monkey exercise gives participants time to process other things that may have happened throughout the week (or other time period). Finally, sock monkeys are awesome and this is a fun activity that builds community.

Spiritual Practices Signal the Reign of God

  • Intimacy with God, as in the intimacy of prayer, will be the very nature of God’s kingdom.

Strange new Ways of the Kingdom

  • Strange New Ways of the Kingdom video: Discussion Questions


The Essence of Leading Congregations in Mission

  • What are we to say in our modern world about the essence of the church in mission?

The Journey Ahead - Next Steps

  • Practices as Initial Steps toward Missional Living

The Essence of Our Journey-Handout

  • The Essence of Our Journey

Reflections from Video:

The Long Journey video script

  • Video script for the video The Long Journey

Thirteen Trends

  • Thirteen Trends and Forces Affecting the Future of Faith Formation in a Changing Church and World

Twelve Week Study Guide for Generously

  • In recognizing his own poverty of faith and vision he could make room for a life changing encounter and invitation he would soon share with others.

What is Our Name Calling Us to Become

  • Consider a future dependent on our willingness to risk going deeper – much deeper in relationships that courageously embody and live Christ’s love and mission.

Who am I becoming in Christ

  • Excerpt from The Rebirthing of God: Christianity's Struggle for New Beginnings

Who am I in God and Who is God in Me

  • Cultivating Holy Attentiveness: Consider your congregation’s life since beginning this missional journey

Worship as Community Missional Practice

  • The Gospel taught by Jesus was about re-defining our focus. So our worship should provide the space for us to do just that.

You are Loved poem by Nelda Kerr Transcript

  • Script for the You Are Loved Video